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 MK Freights Logistics Inc. offers air cargo, air express, door to door charter freight services. Our diverse air services are designed to meet the specific cost and business needs of our customers. Besides, being an authorized IATA Airfreight Forwarder, we share a rigid bond of trust and reliability with our customers. Our cost-effective solutions are perfect for international as well as domestic air transport.

Our strong channel of strategic hubs in varied regions allows us to offer multimode options. Therefore take advantage of our winning combination and strengthened your position in the global market. Every year we successfully deliver million tons air cargo, therefore we have a strong partner like you as our customers. Take benefit of remarkable transportation connection and continuous tracking. We have designed our Air Freight Service in Miami to keep the schedule of the shipment within the budget so no matter what your requirements are, we have a variety of services for your selection.

Why settle for one-size fit for all your needs. With Freightrus, you will get an array of freight shipment solutions that will maximize efficiency and flexibility for all your cargo needs. Work with world-class air freight forwarders and enjoy peace of mind along with essential attributes like delivery speed and affordable services. Our air freight service Miami are liable for:-

  • Ideal for heavy shipment of irregular shape

  • The door to airport service is also available

  • Tailored solution to add value to your business

  • Consolidation services



MK Freight & Logistics Inc. holds experience as well as resources to pick up, move, expedite and deliver a shipment with extreme efficiency. Aside, accommodating and addressing the needs of the customers within budget and given time frame is our prime objective. We proficiently work with the different mediums of transport, therefore, ensuring reliable freight solutions according to your needs. With customer satisfaction a major concern, we have a lot more to offer

  • Regional Truckloads

  • FTL and LTL

  • Exclusive Vehicles

  • National Truckloads


That’s our Inland Freight Service is the best in its own kind. We offer an effective and highly reliable solution but at a competitive price, therefore our services remain high in demand.

Our expedited and special services include:-

  • Inland and expedited air service.

  • Temperature controlled automotive

  • Convention transport and trade show service

  • Accumulation and distribution

Trucks Parked In Line
A Crane Lifting a Container



Ocean transportation is key to strong global supply chain management. Therefore being one of the leading ocean freight forwarding companies, Freightrus offers efficient and reliable ocean freight solutions tailored to meet your needs. From LCL to FCL, foreign to foreign, break-bulk movements on major global routes with record transit times.

As one of the leading ocean freight forwarding companies in Miami offers an extensive range of services including managing huge shipments, expediting urgent cargo, and intermodal transportation solutions. We closely work with an extensive portfolio of regional and global carriers so that our customers may have a wide collection of carriers to select from.

Consolidation as our core competency we strive to offer invincible services with direct consolidation and global coverage to more than 300 international destinations. Further, we have made a huge investment in our support services so that customers may get quality service at a competitive price. Our ocean freight forwarder Miami services are appropriate for:-

  • Direct consolidation covering worldwide destinations

  • E-booking and loading confirmation via email

  • Assured sailing

  • Special and Oversize projects roll on roll 



Cross Docking Service maximizes the efficiency of supply chain management by speeding the flow of goods in their targeted market. MK Freight & Logistics Inc. has strong information and software solutions, thus allowing the real-time status of the shipment. We understand flexibility is the major demand of the customer, this makes things challenging, therefore, we have found a way to meet your demands. Working with advanced technical solutions freightrus.Net tries to focus on every possible aspect of Crossdock Facility, right from accountability, verification to real-time shipment information.

With our cross-docking services, our customers can enjoy the following benefits

  • Low inventory cost

  • Better customer support

  • Reduced delivery leads

Smiling Person Standing In Front Of Container Yard


The import department of MK Freight & Logistics Inc. is connected with the brokerage firm which is supervised by ABI to US customs, provides, timely clearance of goods from all ports across the United States. Our Import logistic services proficiently handle payment and process all tariffs and duties on goods coming in the US and smoothen delivery of goods at customer’s doors. We have an experienced team of professionals who can efficiently handle on-call international import needs. Asides, we offer an array of services:-

  • Continuous Bonds

  • Warehousing

  • USDA, FDA processing

  • Letter of credit

  • Customs Entries

  • Specialized Classification



Shipping of delicate furniture or other type of items requires a high level of care and attention, therefore Freightrus has come up with white-glove services, where our customers are not responsible for the moving, packaging, loading, and unloading of items. Their items will be picked up and delivered to the destination. Further, our expert will unpack the goods for you. We want to reduce the efforts of our customers, therefore offer door to door service where one can escape from the hassle of packaging items for shipping.

White-Glove Delivery Service is the highest level service or support that a freight forwarding company can offer. For vendors, it is the time to impress customers to drive repeat business. Therefore access an unparalleled network of Freightrus for White Glove Delivery in Miami whenever you want.

Enjoy additional services with White Glove Services:-

  • De-installation and installation services

  • Pre-inspection and post-inspection of destination

  • Assembly and configuration for product set-ups

  • Highly trained professionals to handle this shipment.

Delivery Guy
Organizing Boxes


MK Freight & Logistics is a 3PL (third party logistics) specialist and leading outsourcing warehouse and distribution service, provider. Our expert logistics allow us to develop customized distribution and warehousing solutions according to the demand of customers. Besides, being a one-stop solution provider, we share a rigid bond of relationship with our customers, who are working with us for a long. Therefore we strive to offer warehousing and distribution services cost-efficient and swift as much as possible. Whether it is one small box or full consignment, from e-commerce processing to retail store or final customer, we are ready to perform the task as per your requirement.

3PL services provide:-

  • Pick up and packaging

  • Storage

  • Cross-docking

  • Inventory control

  • Fulfillment services

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